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The Brand as Intellectual Property
SchmidPreissler Market Research, Berlin

Today it goes nearly unchallenged that the development of prosperity in commodity-poor markets is essentially driven by knowledge and its implementation in innovation, and thus the intellectual property and, along with that, brands are indispensable when it comes to pursuit of competitiveness and prosperity. Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel declared at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2006 under the theme ‘The Creative Imperative’: “In our time there is the absolute need for the creative. We need protection of the intellectual property. I will lobby this cause that the government will work for our country to be able to live off its ideas once again.”

What are the consequences we can draw from this in regards to brand leadership?

A substantial basis for a successful brand future it to generate enough knowledge about ones brand: Detect erroneous trends early on. Be able to utilize chances and possibilities for a brand’s secure future. All this is possible if decisions about a brand’s future are based on a solid foundation of comprehensive information in regards to this brand.

In a strict sense, brands are systems for the creation of value which stretch from the procurement of resources all the way to the presentation at the store and are aimed at lasting earning power. It is not enough to simply assume that one generates more money than products without a brand. Brands are rather independent assets which represent a monetary value, just like other assets and they have to earn interest just the same. A methodical, reliable and precise analysis of brands and their monetary value is thus indispensable. Not just once, but in regular intervals.

It is not always easy to make a valid statement in regards to the contribution a brand makes to the corporate success. However, there are ways to verify brand performance and brand equity. It is a prerequisite that expenditures for brand maintenance and brand promotion are liable to a strict control of the outcome and that they are incorporated in the calculation for the products.

In the future, successful brand leadership has to be applied in a way that it is possible to establish the return-on-investment and to associate it to the brands. Of course, all of this requires a high level of discipline and comprehensive knowledge in regards to the correlation between brand performance and marketing performance. And it also requires a deep understanding of what constitutes a brand because this is the only way to assess the performance a brand can achieve.

Brands are the ‘crown jewels’ of the intellectual property. In our comprehension of consultancy explicitly specified that we feel compelled to nurture and maintain values and that we deal specifically in connection with the ‘crown jewels’ with assessment of value, with a return-on-investment on values, conservation of values and an increase in value.

With the SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance© Program, we have developed a program that allows for these requirements. If you have questions or if you would like to find out more about this program we are at your disposal at Tel. +49/30/315 08 661.



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