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Investments In Brands: Transparency, Performance Orientation And The Knowledge Of The Monetary Equity Of The Brand Become Increasingly More Important
Franz M. Schmid-Preissler

In defiance of all prophecies of doom the power of the brand is much bigger now than it was postulated in the years past. Equipped with a tangible gain and strong emotional added value, the brand enjoys – today as much as ever – an extremely high appreciation with the consumer.

However, today a consequent approach towards brand maintenance is required, because weaknesses in brand leadership appear much quicker today due to the challenges of globalization, optimized quality in all pricing levels, aggressive cut-throat competition or knowledgeable consumers.

It’s not a secret, that brands keep their value only, and only then, if they are nurtured and supported permanently emotionally and in regards to content concerning the product and performance offer as well as positioning and with a presentation allowing for the aura to freely unfold.

It is easy to comprehend, however the implementation is often difficult. Product cycles are becoming shorter and shorter, the speed of plagiarism is picking up at a breathtaking pace and in the face of the flood of brands nowadays, the question comes to mind, how many brands does a company need. Or, in other words, how many brands can a company afford?

What does this mean for brand leadership in the 21st century?

Globalization but also the national competition force us to verify the efficiency of the brands in use. The luxury to support own brands for all levels, for all corporate sections or for each market segment contradict today’s necessity to top efficiency and better economy of scales.

The changes which took place over the past few years are probably going to continue at an even more rapid pace. Other industries and sectors such as B2B are going to discover brand management as decisive weapon. Alertness and openness for the changes on the market are required. For one, this means to recognize new competitors and secondly to develop and implement new abilities quicker.

For an industry shaped by brands it is more than ever essential to be proficient in brand leadership and to orchestrate it in the sense of driving brand equity.

The only things that can be verified are those which can be measured and whose value is known and only the knowledge of the monetary brand equity leads to making success in brand leadership apparent, measurable and interpretable. If the monetary brand equity has not been established, it is up to all those involved as to how the results of the brand leadership are to be evaluated and which decisions and activities are deduced from it. Only the knowledge of the brand equity reveals the contribution of the brand to the profit and success of a company.

With the SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance© Program, we have developed a program that is aiming at a return-on-investment in the sense of ‘working capital’. It is assumed that expenditures and investments for marketing and communications can only be secured via return-on-investment of the brand equity. If you have questions we are at your disposal at Tel. +49/8022/91 78-0.



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