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Strong brands are becoming more important for businesses and they determine increasingly the company success. This is not only in the world of consumer goods and services, but also in the B2B segment.
Franz M. Schmid-Preissler

Brands are more than just products. They live off the relevant statement that inspires desirability. They live off the concrete message that gets the strategy across, both internally and externally. They live off brand leadership that comprehensively embraces the brand from brand analysis via brand strategy and brand design all the way to brand marketing and controlling.

Brand leadership pertains to the whole company. The brand should not be restricted to a few elements. Behind the perceived image of a brand there is always a widely ramified network of diverse corporate performances. And: Brand leadership should not only contain plans for yearly sales increases, as is often the case.

Only on a long-term basis, through authenticity and sustainable development and the ability to resist following short-term trends, the aura, the myth, a value creation chain of the brand can emerge. Flanked by marketing strategic consequences and a value conserving pricing policy, brands possess a fascinating added value for retail and the consumer.

In light of this considerable significance the brand has today for the economic success of a company, it would best to treat it rationally and to lead it with the same strict and matter-of-fact methods as is taken for granted in other divisions of a company, today.

Due to brands being complex systems which cannot be lead with the exact principle of causality of a production machine, often the wrong conclusion is drawn: Instead of working on the issue of controllability the issue brand is declared emotional and thus evades any rational access.

The demand to cut back the lively and imaginative pictures tied to the brand to mere numbers may seem strange. Yet, it is time to reveal that there is no actual alternative. Marketing expenditures and investments should no longer be adjusted to the fluctuations of the corresponding business situation, because unquestionably, this is tied to great risks for the brand equity. The same applies if brand leadership is left unattended by brand managers in charge. There is no room in a brand system for indulgence. The tougher the times are, the more closely you have to watch the brand equity.



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