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Consumption or finance oriented approach toward fiscal brand assessment - Is this really of significance?

Well, for all intents and purposes we often hear that those in charge of businesses and brands are interested in knowing the equity of their brands. However, once you deal with the question of the financial value of one’s brand you come across two separate worlds: For one, there is the world of the consumption oriented approach and secondly the world of the financially oriented approach.

Inevitably, this is going to lead to different results and thus to a dilemma: Brand assessment is basically viewed as important, but currently, nobody really believes in its significance. The consequence being that fiscal brand equity might not be calculated at all.

With all due respect, we think this is a mistake. Brands, if they are true brands and not just names, labels or markers, often account for more than half of all company assets. Yes, there are even cases where the whole company value consists of brand equity. And these could be amounts in the millions.

And when it comes to significance does it really play a role if a process is approached from a consumer oriented or more a financially oriented perspective? Isn’t it rather essential that this process ensures requirements for transparency and traceability, so it becomes apparent to anyone interested, which aspects have been included in the assessment and which variables possibly differ from others in this brand equity.

In the SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance® Program developed by us, we have bundled knowledge, expertise, concepts and tools that have proved to be of value to us and our clients over many years to a holistic approach for projects of companies in varying industries, nationally, internationally and globally. Out of approximately 120 assessment criteria the market position plays an equal role to the distinct positioning of the brand, the origin and the history as well as the international or even global presence, the clear message of what a brand offers and brand specific targeting. Of course, the other elements of our brand definition also contribute, such as profile, image and awareness.

For us it is the emotional and rational appreciation of a brand that distinguishes the brand. This means that the psychological brand strength minimizes the risks for future success and thus secures the conservation of value for the brand. Only brands which are attractive and convincing to the consumer are going to be bought in the long run.

We also value the relationship with human resources, a stable and trusting relationship to the procurement market, pecuniary circumstances, a responsible handling of topics such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability, a respectful relationship to the customer and other partners, truthfulness, candidness and solidity, and of course the business development of the past few years, the medium and long term corporate strategy as well as investment policy for the procurement market, the sales market and job market and many more.

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