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Good Brand Communication Enhances Brand Equity

What sounds so simplistic isn’t necessarily so in reality: Brand communication always has to be good communication. And good communication means must serve the increase of brand equity.

For brand communication, the same rules apply that also pertain to any type of communication. Good communication must touch on all three dimensions of one’s counterpart: The mind, through credible information; emotion, through moving one’s counterpart; and ethics, the correct point of view which inspires the soul of one’s counterpart.

Good communication is, and this pertains in the absolute same way with good brand communication, also logical and well founded. It is, at the same time, a solemnly motivating and ultimately ethical kind of communication that agrees on the correct values. It is, in any case, always relating to the addressee and it respects him or her as a human being by addressing him or her in all three dimensions.

Good brand communication contains a series of factors: First of all there are values. What do values and brands have in common? It’s as simple as that: Without values brand communication falls flat. What would BMW be without driving pleasure? What would Persil or Tide be without the value of reliability? And what would Dallmayr be without its regard for tradition? Very little, they would simply be products like many others.

Only through the enrichment with correlating values do brands get their own individual personality – in marketing lingo it’s called brand personality.

And then, of course, everything has to be communicated that defines a brand: Origin, history, image, profile, positioning, awareness and protection. Good brand communication affects all markets (sales market, procurement market, capital market, job market and also the social environment).

Many still disavow it, but the world of brands is caught in a daunting process of erosion. And it’s no exaggeration when one realizes that enormous changes to brand images are going to be indicated in all industries and in all markets over the coming years.

More than ever we have to create the living space of a brand in such a way that it can develop and grow and does not feel threatened. The brand also has to form a unit with the product and this has to be communicated fully and comprehensively.

Manufacturers of brands spend vast amounts of money in all markets, year after year, in order to find out how well-known and popular their brands are. They try to find out what the consumer wants, what the consumer expects from a brand, what kind of relationship the consumer has to brands. In general, too little money is spent on the communications process.

He, who is committed to his brands and communicates comprehensively with market participants and makes sure that the offered products show business performance and also corresponds with brand and communications content, can be assured of achieving a correlating increase in brand equity.

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