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Brand Assessment and Brand Risk Management

He, who is carrying responsibility for brands does not get around careful brand risk management if he does not want to run the risk of endangering the financial value of the brand. Purely image-oriented controlling instruments of market research, which in general only detect late compilations of already implemented measures, are simply not enough in this day and age of multiple risk fields.

If you want to bring brand strategies to success, you cannot reach the goal without a clear-cut distribution policy. Maybe nowhere in marketing consequence and discipline are as sought after and waiving is such an extremely important medium for success as in the determination of and compliance with the criteria leading to a product and brand adequate distribution. Nowadays there is the widespread thinking that market power lies in the hand of retail and he, who does not comply with retail demands, does not have a chance to reach the customer. We think the exact opposite is crucial for lasting market success. Only if you choose your retail partner with care and/or implement your own brand adequate vertical distribution, secure a corresponding aura for product and brand at the point of sale is going to be able to carry on a successful brand policy.

Something similar could be said about the price. The relentlessness that is used on today’s markets in all industries to fight for the favor of the customer is unequalled. Rebates, net price and conditions seem to be more important than the product itself. The customer is uncertain: “Could it be that the 30% rebates of today are followed by 50% to 60% rebates tomorrow?”

While the methods to analyze technical and financial risks (for instance plant security, IT- and environmental risks, credit and exchange rate risks) become more and more polished and precise, many risks for brands remain widely unobserved. Since the corporate asset “brand” accounts for a considerable amount of the total assets, if not the crucial amount, in companies whose center consists of brands, it is hard to fathom the almost stepmotherly treatment of a systematic brand risk management. A paradigm shift is imperative here.

That the risk brands face is often accounted for hardly at all or very little in anticipatory risk analysis, can often be traced back to an inaccurate brand consciousness that is just as widespread as it is faulty.

Brands are still seen today very often as more or less immaterial values, whose value only enters consciousness in “Euro and Cents”, when it comes to acquisition, sale or diffusion. With the SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance© Program, we have developed a program where the monetary brand equity can be calculated in terms of a working capital and that secures the future of brands through a thorough analysis of the elements defining a brand (origin, history, profile, positioning, image, awareness and protection). 



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