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Brands are the most valuable assets of marketers of branded goods and services.

With this site we present our brand equity and performance program in the scope of the
subject-matter 'turn of an era and paradigm shift in brand marketing' as a key to safeguarding
brand marketing investments and expenditures. This program is a new norm.
We regard this program to be a milestone in brand marketing already today.





Article 04 Week 14/2009



Not Private Labels but „Dual Functionality of Retail“ are the Underlying Challenge for Traditional Manufacturer’s Brands

Article 03 Week 10/2009



Companies Consolidate Their Brand Portfolios

Article 02 Week 05/2009



Sale and Lease Back

Article 01 Week 03/2009



Alternative Approaches in Brand Leadership in Demand

Article 11 Week 49/2008



Considerations about Brand Leadership

Article 10 Week 44/2008



Future Oriented Marketing Calls for Monetary Brand Equity

Article 09 Week 40/2008



Brand Equity As An Important Component of Company Reputation

Article 08 Week 36/2008



Brand Leadership is the “Boss’s Business”

Article 07 Week 31/2008



Brand Assessment and Brand Risk Management

Article 06 Week 27/2008



Danger Spot Distribution for the Brand

Article 05 Week 24/2008



Danger Spot Price for Brand Equity

Article 04 Week 20/2008



The Short Average Length of Stay of Heads of Marketing – Damages Running into the Millions Could be the Consequence

Article 03 Week 14/2008



The Necessity of Establishing Monetary Brand Equity for Service Marks

Article 02 Week 04/2008



Good Brand Communication Enhances Brand Equity

Article 01 Week 03/2008



Consumption or finance oriented approach toward fiscal brand assessment - Is this really of significance?

Article 12 Week 48/2007



Sales Oriented Thinking – One Big Management Misapprehensions

Article 11 Week 44/2007



Does a change of a company name endanger hard-earned Brand Equity?

Article 10 Week 42/2007



A Distinctive Image Increases Brand Equity

Article 09 Week 36/2007



What is brand equity worth?

Article 08 Week 31/2007



Brands as “Guarantor for the Future” of Entrepreneurial Success

Article 07 Week 27/2007



Brand Equity as Reputation Factor for Money Market Companies

Article 06 Week 22/2007



Strong brands are becoming more important for businesses and they determine increasingly the company success. This is not only in the world of consumer goods and services, but also in the B2B segment.

Article 05 Week 18/2007



Can The Resistance Towards The Calculation Of A Monetary Brand Equity Really Be Attributed To An “Insufficient Measurements Procedure”?

Article 04 Week 13/2007



Brands Possess A Monetary Value

Article 03 Week 09/2007



Investments In Brands: Transparency, Performance Orientation And The Knowledge Of The Monetary Equity Of The Brand Become Increasingly More Important

Article 02 Week 05/2007



Estate Tax Reform in Germany – Consequences For The Brand?

Article 01 Week 03/2007



The Brand as Intellectual Property

Article 11 Week 48/2006



Monetary Brand Equity as Basis for Brand Utilization Fees

Article 10 Week 43/2006



The Case of BenQ-Siemens With Regard to Brand Equity

Article 09 Week 39/2006



Short-term thinking of profits and quarterly dividends – the „biggest enemy“ of the development of brand equity.

Article 08 Week 35/2006



Brand Equity Ranking: Monetary or Image Values?

Article 07 Week 27/2006



A New Brand Marketing is in Demand

Article 06 Week 22/2006



Maximization of Monetary Brand Equity – A reasonable Corporate Objective?

Article 05 Week 18/2006



The Sale- and Lease or Rent-Back of brands frees up Capital and makes the Monetary Brand Equity transparent

Article 04 Week 13/2006



The Determination of the Monetary Brand Equity is Setting Standards in Corporate Management

Article 03 Week 09/2006



Private Equity Firms and the Acquisition of Fashion Brands

Article 02 Week 05/2006



Brand Equity and Brand Marketing

Article 01 Week 01/2006



Brands as a Source of Financing

Article 10 Week 48/2005



Brand Equity and Brand Maintenance

Article 09 Week 43/2005



Brand Equity and Risk Management

Article 08 Week 39/2005



Marketing and the Spin-Off of Brand Equity

Article 07 Week 35/2005



Brand equity, what does that mean?

Article 06 Week 31/2005



Brand Equity and Brand Performance

Article 05 Week 26/2005



Brand Equity and Brand Leadership

Article 04 Week 22/2005



In regards to the methodology of the SchmidPreissler Brand Equity + Perfor-mance© model

Article 03 Week 18/2005



Brand Equity and Brand Utilization Fees

Article 02 Week 14/2005



Brand Equity and Brand Controlling

Article 01 Week 2/2005



The SchmidPreissler Brand Equity + Performance© Program




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