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SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance©  Programm


Issue: 2/2005 

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Brand Equity and Brand Controlling
Christina Schmid-Preissler, SchmidPreissler International Strategy Consultants

Without doubt, from the point of view of businesses, in case of brand transactions or licensing the establishment of brand equity is still given the highest priority. Nevertheless one can observe that the (monetary) brand equity is increasingly going to play a role when long-term oriented persons in charge of the brand and financial experts of a business lead discussion in regards to marketing budgets.

Planning, managing and controlling the manifold and complex activities in connection with the development and marketing of brands requires today and in the future a brand handling which secures a high degree of rationality in brand leadership. And those responsible for brands are going to have to get used to marketing budgets being systematically scrutinized; and this not exclusively after the event but already prior to approval. The keyword of “marketing and brand-controlling” is doing the rounds and the indication is that the “return on marketing” is going to be measured just the same as it is done with other investments, today and in the future.

In our experience with international projects we know that the discussion about brand-controlling is concentrated on two aspects: First of all on quantitative criteria such as awareness, distribution of the brand and secondly on qualitative criteria such as demand, desirability, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

However, brand-controlling is supposed to serve as a basis for decisions on marketing expenditures and investments and in order to successfully assist with brand development, other reference parameters than the question of awareness or demand have to be in place.

In the knowledge that the success of brand leadership and the efficient use of marketing instruments is going to be reflected in the equity development of the brand in the long-term, move brand equity and its establishment into the center of all considerations in regards to brand-controlling.

To put the brand equity into the center of all considerations means to set monetary configuration specifications. Not just some platitudes or desired attitudes, because controlling only becomes revealing if those responsible for the brand are positively able to answer the question if an increase in brand equity has been achieved. Of course, this should suit the current and future owners of the brand.

The rigor with which the lively and visionary picture we connect a brand with is cut down to numbers may seem displeasing. But the time has come to point out that there is no alternative. With concern we have noticed that for some time now marketing expenditures and investments are adjusted to the fluctuations of the respective business situation, unquestionable with great risks to the brand equity. Or we see that there are plenty of occasions to break out of the stiff discipline which is required for a consequent brand leadership. After all, we are all only human. One may do it because he wants to try something creative, to exchange something old and possibly proven for something new. Another may do it because low cost production possibilities lure him to Asia. A third thinks he has to follow the trends of communication and a fourth is looking to open up new sales locations and the fifth would like to show through reduced pricing that the brand is actually much too expensive. Good brand leaders know: Brand work is detailed work. There is no room for indulgence in a brand system. The tougher the times are the more stringently brand equity has to be kept in view.

A consequent brand leadership secures the path of a brand and gives brand-leading companies the chance to further develop their brand advantages. A brand cannot be lead without expenditure and investment. Creativity may only be used to further emphasise brand advantages. The manufacture of brand products does not get along with cheap production possibilities in Asia. And price reductions hurt brand products because the lowered price indicates that the brand is fundamentally too expensive.

A well developed and led brand whose equity has been exactly calculated constitutes a value for the business which has to earn interest and thus secure profitability for the business.

It is imperative at all times to keep an eye on the value of the brand and to employ controllable and calculable reference parameters for the calculation of the brand equity.

With the SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance© Program we have developed a program that calculates the monetary brand equity in terms of a working capital which aims for a return-on-investment of the brand equity. We assume that marketing expenditures and investments, including communications costs, are only going to be secured in the future through the return-on-investment of the brand equity.

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