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Our philosophy: Successful corporate strategies are market strategies and market strategies are always brand strategies.


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With this site we present our brand equity and performance program in the scope of the
subject-matter 'turn of an era and paradigm shift in brand marketing' as a key to safeguarding
brand marketing investments and expenditures. This program is a new norm.
We regard this program to be a milestone in brand marketing already today.




SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance©  Programm


Issue: 4/2005 

Next Issue: Week 26/2005



Excerpt of further issues topics: Brand Equity and Brand Strategy, Brand Equity and Brand Diffusion, Brand Equity and Company Success, Brand Equity and Sales and Acquisition of Brands or Companies, Brand Equity and Marketing Investment





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In regards to the methodology of the SchmidPreissler Brand Equity + Performance© model:

How is the SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance© model characterized in regards to assessment of value of brands?

  • The SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance© model sees the brand equity as a monetary value which is calculated from material and immaterial values.

  • It determines accurately how to comprehend a brand and what the contents are (7-elements-definiton: A word/name is a brand if it makes statements to origin, history, profile, positioning, image, awareness and protection).

  • During evaluation it collects data and facts so comprehensively that all disciplines involved in brand leadership will be involved (finances, marketing, distribution, R&D, Human Resources). The evaluation allows for a holistic coherence of perceptions and impact of the brand (sales market, sourcing market, job market, capital market as well as social environment).

  • In the 7-elements analysis and evaluation it collects in detail the physical basis of the brand, the shape in which it will be experienced, the manner in which it will be presented and its economic development.

  • It turns the brand equity into a monetary value. It releases brands from their ‘secret reserve’ existence. Thus, just as every other equity does too, the brand equity commits itself to earning interest return (brand performance), which is going to be part of the calculation. The necessity for interest return strengthens the brand equity. It boosts the independence of investments in brands from the general business development and it makes the future more secure.

  • It provides information in regards to strength and potential of a brand and it provides information on the orientation of brand and marketing strategies including measures derived from those strategies (development strategies, product strategies, assortment strategies, design strategies, revenue strategies, distribution strategies and communications strategies).

  • It positions the monetary brand equity in the center of marketing. It represents a reliable and cost efficient way to define goals and shape conduct.

  • It offers measurable goals for brand and marketing strategies which are checkable and based on their own strength and power and not on how the market is doing.



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