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SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance©  Programm


Issue: 9/2005 

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Brand Equity and Risk Management
Christina Schmid-Preissler, SchmidPreissler International Management Consultants

Not only since catastrophes such as the tsunami or hurricane Katrina has the topic of risk management moved into the center of attention of companies who are not in the credit or insurance business, dealing primarily in safeguarding from risks. Risk management has become more of a topic now in companies who deal with consumer goods. Back up solutions for servers are being developed, product liability and fire protection insurance are taken out, numerous measures are taken to get a grip on financial risks due to non-payment and change in currency exchange rates. Political and legal questions are often a determining factor when it comes to questions about location. Even risks resulting from corporate governance could be seen as a danger to survival.

But how does it look when it comes to immaterial values, specifically brand equity? Just as with most other immaterial values, managers largely suppress aspects relevant to brands when it comes to risk management.

If one wishes brand strategies to succeed, one will not be able to reach that goal without a clear distribution policy, for example. Maybe nowhere in the marketing process are consequence and discipline as much in demand and the relinquishment becomes an extremely important art medium, as with the determination and adherence of the criteria which lead to distribution adequate for product and brand. Nowadays the widespread opinion prevails that the market power lies in the hands of retail and that he who does not comply does not have a chance to reach the customer. We think that the exact opposite is decisive for a lasting success on the market. Only he who chooses a retail partner with great care and/or uses a vertical distribution adequate for product and brand, he who ensures a certain aura for product and brand at the point of sale, is going to make successful brand policy. One should take great care not to offer a product everywhere you might find a buyer, just for the sake of making a sale. An Economy product belongs in a superstore and a Premium or Luxury product belongs in a corresponding store, where the character of Premium and Luxury goods come into their own.

Something similar could be said about the price. Nowadays, the rigor used to fight for the favor of the buyer on all markets and in all branches is unprecedented. Rebates, net prices, and conditions seem to be more important than the product itself. The buyer is uncertain: „Could it be that the 30% rebate of today is followed by a 50 or 60% rebate tomorrow and is the quality really the same as yesterday?“ The intensity with which sales offers are advertised, the volume, the often easily detectable dubiousness and many other factors barely leave room to breathe for the buyer. They pressure him, they restrict his freedom to think and act.

Only brands can end the ruinous and market destructive pricing and condition wars and give back its function to the competition, because brands add to the pure product value; what makes them unique. And it is this uniqueness which offers protection from every ruinous pricing and conditions war and offers a guarantee to the customer that the cost/performance ratio is based on a solid foundation. This applies to all brands, regardless if they are positioned in the Luxury, Premium, PremiumEconomy or Economy segment of the market.

Of course, the performance brands achieve has a cost. Money and investments are required. Not just occasionally, but continuously. However, brands also do require a strict consequence and discipline, a full awareness for changes. They require persistence, courage, sovereignty and a healthy distance to overestimation of one's own abilities and a lack of moderation. In short: A classic entrepreneurial behavior is required in order to give brands the place value they deserve. Namely, to be the soul of a business and as such the core of any corporate strategy.

One of the reasons brands still go mostly unnoticed in risk management today is often the brand awareness. Brands are seen to this day as mostly immaterial values, who's value is only seen as 'Euro and Cent' upon their sale, acquisition or diffusion. With the SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance© Program we developed a program in which the monetary brand equity in terms of a working capital can be calculated through a thorough analysis of the elements which make up a brand (origin, history, profile, positioning, image, awareness and protection) and the development and the future of brands can be made more secure.

If you do have questions in regards to this program, please do not hesitate to call Tel. +49/8022/91 78-22 Dipl. Vw. Christina Schmid-Preissler.



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