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SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance©  Programm


Issue: 10/2005 

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Brand Equity and Brand Maintenance
Christina Schmid-Preissler, SchmidPreissler International Strategy Consultants

Successful brand maintenance has become a survival factor for businesses. To generate enough knowledge in regards to ones brands is a significant basis for the successful development, expansion and maintenance of young and established brands: To recognize shortfalls early on, to sensibly develop new potentials, to keep the brand on a successful path, all this can only be achieved if the brand manager and the company management have enough information at their disposal to allow them to make reasonable and efficient market decisions.

Success in brand maintenance is also tied to organizational prerequisites which significantly contribute to the strength of the brand and its brand equity.

1. Men and Structures

The responsibility for brands is an entrepreneurial function. To call a brand one’s property is something special. To develop, shape, promote and maintain this brand is a never-ending task. Wanting to develop a brand with success means being taken up with it, being uncompromising and alert.

Companies and their brands are a unit. The responsibility for brands ought to be equated with the responsibility for the maintenance of the reputation and prestige of the company, because it is part of the holistic being of the company. Brand responsibility also means to not abuse the brand for market and marketing experiments.

Especially in the course of mergers and acquisitions, it happens that company names (which are also often brand names) are thrown overboard for new, artificial names. Immense values are thus destroyed.

Of course, there can be exceptions which justify a new name. However, before the decision is made to draw a line between the past and the future with a new name, before name creators are brought in, one should get expert advice. Of course, everything is in a constant state of flux. This is not about stopping the flow. This is about maintaining the levy. He who understands brand leadership as such is going to be able to account for it.

2. Processes and Responsibilities

No less important for a successful brand leadership are the processes. In the scope of brand leadership, they must ensure an adequate orientation on the corporate strategy and corporate objectives and they have to provide for a consistent appearance. They must allow for concerted coordination and control and sustain comprehensive cooperation.

In order for brand leadership to develop steadily, responsible functions need to be established and roles and responsibilities need to be clarified. Only if everyone knows what he or she is responsible for will he or she act responsibly.

As valuable as a brand may be today, not only strategic but also organizational deficiencies can negatively influence the brand equity in the future. For instance, the proceeding of brand managers could be aggressive towards equity by trying to move things from the outside to the inside: A new promotional appearance, a new CI, a “witty” slogan and a few events and some think the future of the brand is secured. In general, that is not the case. In fact, consistent developmental work and consequent progress are required in order to achieve, maintain and increase brand equity.

Brands are the ‘crown jewels’ of a business. In our comprehension of consultancy we have explicitly defined that we feel obligated to care for and maintain equity and that specifically in connection with ‘crown jewels’ we are dealing with assessment of equity with a return-on-investment on this equity, equity preservation and equity increase.

With the SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance Program© we have developed a program which accommodates all these requirements. If you do have questions in regards to this program, please do not hesitate to call Tel. +49/8022/91 78-22 Dipl. Vw. Christina Schmid-Preissler.



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