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SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance©  Programm


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Brand Equity and Brand Marketing
Christina Schmid-Preissler, SchmidPreissler International Strategy Consultants

We often experience, that in difficult times the marketing budgets are in first place when it comes to cutting costs.

Investments in Research & Development as well as in Brand Marketing are often disproportionately affected, when budgets are cut. Last but not least, because according to German labor laws, it is in general easier to cut budgets than to cut jobs. And this happens, even though the importance of brand marketing for market success has been long establish and is no longer a secret.

Brand marketing creates trust with the customer. It serves for orientation, it turns one's attention to what is new, and it points to the range of products on offer. If this orientation and the trust communicated through the company are missing, it is reflected in consumption and more so than the general economic situation would indicate. The old German advertising adage: „He who does not advertise dies!“ is currently coming true for many brands and businesses who have disproportionately curtailed their marketing expenditures.

The restraint of many customers, when it comes to purchasing cannot be directly attributed to economic hardship but is rather caused through the insecurity and the lack in orientation on the part of the consumer. Domestic demand is stagnating and growth that is not export induced is holding off. Partially reduced marketing budgets are in many respects fatal, because the consequences pertain not only to the business itself, but also the consumer climate and indirectly even the economic climate.

Of course, people nowadays need neither instruction nor seduction. The consumer of today is enlightened, sensitive, looking for the individualistic and is sure as never before when it comes to knowing what he/she wants and what he/she does not want. What the people do want is communication, dialogue and they want clarity and dependability. Brand marketing can offer all of this.

The tasks brands have to solve in the future, is to communicate immaterial values, which offer an unmistakable identity to products. With their personality they escort products and they create a bond between the products and the customer. All this cannot be achieved with cuts in marketing budgets.

Only consequent brand marketing secures the value of a brand and offers the ability for further development of brand advantages to companies with brands.

It is not always easy to make an always and forever valid statement in regards to the contribution brand marketing is making to the corporate success. However, there are ways to establish what brand marketing is able to achieve. Prerequisite for this is, that the means used for brand maintenance and brand support are subject to a thorough verification of results and these results are displayed in the calculation of the products.

It is not enough to speak in general of having spent a certain percentage for marketing. Marketing funds should not be seen as expenditures, but rather as investments which are based on the value of an object, just like it is with other assets.

For the future, successful brand marketing has to be set up in a way, that the value of the brand is on center stage and thus makes it possible to determine the return-on-investment and to allocate it to the brand.

A well developed and managed brand, whose value is exactly determined, constitutes an asset for the business, which needs to be interest-bearing and thus ensures earning power for the company. It is imperative to always keep an eye on the brand to utilize ascertainable reference values for the calculation of the market value.

With the SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance© Program, we have developed a program that calculates the monetary brand equity in the sense of a working capital, which aims at a return-on-investment of the brand equity. In case of questions or if you require further information, I can be reached at +49 8022 91 78 22, Dipl. Vw. Christina Schmid-Preissler.



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