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SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance©  Programm


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Private Equity Firms and the Acquisition of Fashion Brands
Christina Schmid-Preissler, SchmidPreissler International Strategy Consultants

I recently read that investment companies are thriving. Especially the areas of provision of services, wellness and fashion are gaining in importance. And if you follow the development, most likely the number of private equity firms becoming involved in fashion will increase in the future.

In general, the prospects of success are always best if the realistic equity of a company and its brand(s) has been determined in the area of the sales market and thus the purchase price leads to an economically justifiable return-on-investment through a controlled course of business and during manageable periods of time.

The equity of brands is often the most important asset a company has to offer. Being able to determine brand equity and brand positioning often requires business management skills and a deep and long standing knowledge of markets and all market participants, including retail and the consumer.

If brand equity is overrated, it can bear great risks for the future. An overestimation and thus overpayment, results in the company not earning the money it would need in order to serve the shareholder value. In order to contain losses, now it must save and subsequently marketing and brand maintenance will no longer take place in favor of short-term promotions. The consequences are easy to determine. Creativity and innovation are neglected and through increasing dislocation of production and purchasing at a reduced rate, the quality of the products is lowered. The entrepreneurial room to maneuver becomes restrained and the enlightened and knowledgeable consumer takes the logical step: He/she does not buy anymore; they change brands. And since the news from the economy and politics cling to the theses of ‘consumption reluctance’ or even ‘refused consumption’ of the consumer, it is not hard to camouflage the true problems.

The list of businesses which are doing well, are economically successful and are generating a profit after a private equity firm has bought into them, is longer than the list of brands doing poorly after being taken over by investors foreign to the trade.

Thus our conclusion: Chances have never been better to be successful with brands in the world of fashion, specifically in the Luxury and PremiumEconomy segments. It just requires putting the monetary value at the center of all activities and also the evaluation of the brands correctly.

With the SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance© Program we have developed a program where the brand equity can be calculated in the sense of a ‚working capital’ which is aiming for a return-on-investment of the brand equity.



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