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The Sale- and Lease or Rent-Back of brands frees up Capital and makes the Monetary Brand Equity transparent
Christina Schmid-Preissler, SchmidPreissler International Strategy Consultants GmbH

What has prevailed successfully for years when it comes to real estate, machinery and the car pool, is slowly but surely gaining a foothold in regards to treating immaterial assets such as patents, licenses and trademark rights, namely sale and lease or rent back procedures.

One advantage is obvious: The sale and lease or rent-back of brands is a good way to remove brands from their shadowy existence as secret reserve and to develop new sources of financing which are going to improve the structure of the balance sheet lastingly.

But this is by far not all. It seems to be much more vital that a spin-off of brands makes it transparent, what a brand is able to achieve.

Up till now, marketing budgets acted mostly in accordance with turnover and profit results. If business is booming, budgets are stocked richly. However, are turnover and profits weak, the red pencil is applied. First the brand is praised then it is degraded to a means to an end.

Future oriented brand marketing has to orient itself on the brand equity and has to earn interest on this value. Only then is there going to be enough money in the future to finance brand marketing. Brands should no longer be viewed as a secret reserve. Particularly since they are the most valuable asset of a business whose core are brands.

Of course, sale and rent-back leasing are more sophisticated than leasing of values such as real estate, machinery or car pools, predominantly due to the assessment of brands.

Should the net asset value be applied and should it be accepted, that future growth potential and cash flow are not taken into consideration? If you chose the liquidation value you also pass on including the future development of the brand. Should you concentrate on the capitalized earnings value and risk the danger of manipulation. Would you agree on the mean-value method, knowing that, in general, it is not an objective value? Or do you chose a combination of finance and behavioural approach that results in cooperation of people in research and development and those responsible for finance and marketing as well as distribution and service?

With the SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance Program we have developed a program, which calculates monetary brand equity in terms of a working capital and aims at putting monetary brand equity in the center of corporate activities. If you do have further questions, we are at your disposal at +49/8022/9178-22, Dipl. Vw. Christina Schmid-Preissler.



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