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SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance©  Programm


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A New Brand Marketing is in Demand
Christina Schmid-Preissler, SchmidPreissler International Strategy Consultants

The market has changed tremendously in the past few years. While businesses and the media are complaining almost in unison that consumers do not feel like buying and thus try to find the reason for slow business in the consumer and politics (VAT increase). All the while other businesses are doing so well that one must come to the conclusion that we often lose sight of what is going on and thus leave opportunities untaken.

The scenarios have changed radically. Turnover in vertically organized fashion retail is growing at a two-digit range, while ‘the industry’ (and this applies to almost all industries across the board) is suffering from stagnation or even recession. Many have doubts about the brand and ‘dream’ at the same time of owning a brand like Armani or Prada.

Why is that?

The catalyst for the changes on the market lies in the delayed effect of the change of values. In other words, it lies in the changing relationship of people to all that is material and a new comprehension of consumption.

In the late 50’s, Ludwig Erhard predicted in his book ‘Wohlstand für Alle’ (Prosperity for All) that human beings are not creatures who could find their mission in life in consumption. To the contrary, once basic material needs have been fulfilled, purchasing decisions are influenced by other motivational structures than those of ‘wanting to have’: Quantity gives way to quality, need and want determine the segment (Economy, PremiumEconomy, Premium and Luxury) that the consumer uses. The book, the theatre visit or the Nordic Walking class (immaterial goods) compete increasingly with the new t-shirt or the current fragrance.

The change in values is not just the result of a new evaluation of values, but is in fact the consequence of reflection. Since we know that free enterprise is not only shaped by the mechanisms of the economic cycle, but that in any event the human exertion of influence is decisive, we also know that the psychological influence on the economic events are more important than influences justified in facts and figures.

What are these consequences?

  1. Companies have to deal more with their own identity. They must occupy strong and sophisticated values for themselves and also communicate them.

  2. In the future, brand leadership has to be viewed more holistically. Communication in the sourcing market, job market, capital market and sales market and the social environment require more attention.

  3. Communication is becoming more and more important for businesses and thus more important for the image of the business. Communications budgets are going to move more and more from product management to corporate communication.

More than ever, qualified brand marketing is a requirement. Classic advertising alone is no longer enough.

In order to better finance a new brand marketing, a paradigm shift is required. So far, marketing budgets were based on sales or earnings results. If business was going well, budgets were well stocked. If sales and earnings dwindled, out came the red pen. Sometimes they sang praises of the brand and sometimes the brand was degraded to a means to an end.

A new brand marketing must orient itself on the brand equity and this value has to earn interest. Only then will there be enough money in the future to finance brand marketing. Brands should no longer be misused as ‘secret reserve’. Especially since they are the most important asset of a business, whose core is brands.

The SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance© model is a sophisticated method to structure data available in businesses today and to deduce reliable data regarding the monetary value of the brand and to be able to track changes in regular intervals. Individually - for every instance.



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