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With this site we present our brand equity and performance program in the scope of the
subject-matter 'turn of an era and paradigm shift in brand marketing' as a key to safeguarding
brand marketing investments and expenditures. This program is a new norm.
We regard this program to be a milestone in brand marketing already today.




SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance©  Programm


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Short-term thinking of profits and quarterly dividends – the „biggest enemy“ of the development of brand equity.
Christina Schmid-Preissler, SchmidPreissler International Strategy Consultants

Nowadays, many companies commit themselves in their corporate policies aimed at consumers to treat the environment ecologically safe, to have an ethical and morally irreproachable contact to vendors and other partners on the market as well as offering fair cooperation all around, just to name a few examples.

However, where is the commitment to the brand? Where is the commitment to protect and maintain its equity, to nourish and increase, to make sure the most important asset of a company has a future?

So far, most businesses summarize the expenditures they transact for the brand under ‘marketing expenditures’. In general they assume that thanks to the brand on the product, the creation of value and ultimately profits are going to be higher than they would be without the brand.

In other words: It is assumed that brands could be important within the marketing process. However, they are usually not allowed their own value.

Currently there is a tendency, which bears risks for the long-term protection of brand equity, namely the short-term thinking of profits and quarterly dividends. More and more often we see, that budgets for advertising and communication are slashed in the erroneous belief, nobody would notice. Control over distribution is forgone for the sake of more stores. The maintenance at the point-of-sale is being downgraded. Image-marring rebate actions are insufficiently opposed. After-sales service is scaled down, just to name a few examples.

Businesses who integrate brand orientation into their corporate policies strengthen the foundation the business is built on.

Brand equity orientation is a reference to what the turn of an era and the paradigm shift in marketing amount to: Companies have to make arrangements for visualization and realization of brand equity, because only through brands with acknowledged value, brand leadership can be achieved or maintained. At all times and everywhere net asset values of a company bring about predominance on the market. The brand is such a net asset value.

Only he/she who truly places a high value on his/her brand in his/her mindset and conduct is going to be part of the winners.



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